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Romulo powder ceramic tile adhesive model AP8 Introduction and application

چسب کاشی و سرامیک پودری رومولو مدل AP8 | معرفی و کاربرد

Romulo powder ceramic tile adhesive model AP8 is a type of white cement-based adhesive and is used to install ceramic tiles. Its color is white and it has a powdery physical state. The structure of this adhesive is based on micronized mineral powders, oyster powder and waterproofing compounds formulated with ionization technology. Its strong adhesion and easy application have made it suitable for all surfaces, especially swimming pools, water tanks, saunas, jacuzzis, and installation of all types of slab stones in indoor and outdoor spaces. This glue is very easy to apply and ready to be consumed by adding water. One of the characteristics of this glue is that it does not require special equipment. This makes it easy to use even at home.

AP8 glue has a very high adhesion and connects tiles and ceramics well to different surfaces. This feature increases the durability and durability of ceramic tile installation. AP8 ceramic tile adhesive has a high resistance to moisture and heat due to its special composition. This feature is especially useful in wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. This adhesive has the ability to withstand temperature changes and the expansion and contraction of surfaces, and this prevents the cracking and separation of ceramic tiles.

AP8 powder ceramic tile adhesive is suitable for all types of surfaces including cement, concrete, plaster and even old tiled surfaces on the floor and body. This feature makes it useful in renovation and reconstruction projects. AP8 glue is produced as a single component and industrially and under strict control. It has a high uniform quality that helps to increase the trust of Romulo customers. In general, the combination of the above features has made powder ceramic tile adhesive a popular and efficient option for installing ceramic tiles.

You can use AP8 powder glue in all kinds of water tanks, swimming pools, different surfaces, all kinds of tiles and wooden surfaces and panels, and for installing all kinds of stone slabs in the interior and exterior, and porcelain ceramics in the floor, walls and facade. The ability to perform at high altitude, high speed in preparation and execution, and quick drying and setting are its main characteristics.

Examining the applications and properties of AP8 powder glue

Romulo’s AP8 powder ceramic tile adhesive has various features and applications that make it a very widely used and effective product in the construction industry. AP8 powder ceramic tile adhesive has a very high adhesion, which makes tiles, ceramics and stone well connected to different surfaces. This glue has a very good resistance to moisture, which makes it ideal for use in wet environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. AP8 powder adhesive has a high ability to withstand high temperature changes and resists heat well. AP8 powder adhesive has a fast setting time so that it is easy to apply and quickly connects ceramic tiles to the surface and dries. The remarkable thing about this product is that it is a single component and does not need to mix several components and is easy to apply.

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AP8 glue is used to install ceramic tiles on the surfaces of walls and floors in various spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and halls. And due to its high resistance to different weather conditions, it is also suitable for different spaces such as balconies and terraces. It is also used to repair and restore old tiled surfaces. It even has the ability to connect old and new levels. This glue is suitable for use on all types of surfaces including concrete, cement, plaster and even old tiles.

Due to the ease of use and the need for less labor, this adhesive can help reduce installation time and costs. The use of powder glue can increase the useful life of tiling and reduce the need for frequent repairs. These features and uses make powdered ceramic tile adhesive an excellent choice for various construction and remodeling projects.

High adhesion and high sealing with AP8

Due to its special composition and formulation, AP8 ceramic tile adhesive has high adhesion and excellent resistance to water and moisture. This glue is produced with ionized technology, which has high durability and adhesion. This technology makes the glue stick well to different surfaces after mixing with water and creates a strong bond. Minerals such as micronized mineral powders and oyster powder help to increase its adhesive strength. These materials make the adhesive adhere well to various surfaces such as concrete, plaster and old tiles. The granularity of the materials in AP8 powder glue is such that it mixes easily with water and after drying creates a strong and resistant structure with high adhesion.

The polymer compounds in the powder glue not only help adhesion, but also increase water resistance. After drying, these polymers have the ability to resist the penetration of water and moisture. AP8 glue has waterproof materials that help to increase the sealing properties of the glue. These materials can prevent the penetration of moisture into the bottom layer of the glue, which is very useful in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. The flexibility of powder glue makes it withstand temperature changes and expansion and contraction of surfaces, without cracking or losing its sealing properties.

High adhesion and water resistance make the installation of ceramic tiles with this glue more durable. And due to its strong adhesion and moisture resistance, the use of powder glue reduces the need for frequent repairs and renovations. AP8 powder adhesive is very safe and high quality so that it installs very firmly and securely and the risk of them coming off or breaking is reduced. The combination of these features has made Romolo model AP8 powder ceramic tile adhesive a very efficient and popular product in the construction industry.

How to use powder tile adhesive

The correct use of AP8 powder adhesive is very important in order to achieve the best possible result in the installation of ceramic tiles. For the application of tile and ceramic adhesive, the surface on which the tile or ceramic is to be installed must be completely clean, dry and free of any dust, grease or paint. If necessary, smooth the surface with mortar or suitable material to avoid any unevenness. Mix every 4 kg of powdered glue with one liter of water and mix thoroughly, and the mixing must be done with a mixer, and in the cold seasons of the year, this mixing should be for 9 to 15 minutes, and in the hot seasons of the year, it should be for 6 to 10 minutes. Applying should be done until the resins inside the AP8 powder glue are completely dissolved and a strong adhesive state is formed.

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Add clean and moderate temperature water gradually to the glue powder. Using a notched trowel, spread the glue evenly over the surface. Cark’s teeth help create grooves in the adhesive, which increases the adhesion of the tile. The thickness of the adhesive layer should be enough for the tile to adhere well to a surface, which is usually between 3 and 5 mm. Then carefully place the tile on the adhesive and gently press it to adhere to the adhesive. Adjust the tiles so they are in the right place and level, and use tools like the level to make sure the tiles are level. Maintain proper spacing between tiles and use tile spacers to maintain even spacing. AP8 powder tile adhesive needs 24 hours to dry. During this time, do not press the tiles and avoid moving on them.

After the glue has dried, you can fill the gaps between the seams with TG + bonding powder. The suitable temperature for installing tiles is 5 to 40 degrees Celsius. AP8 powder adhesive has very high adhesion due to very low water absorption and almost zero percent, and the best time to use it after mixing with water is about 8-10 minutes. Note that to avoid premature drying of the glue, it is better to mix the glue in small amounts and gradually. For greater safety, use protective gloves and goggles to avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. By following these steps and tips, you can achieve excellent results and high durability in installing ceramic tiles.

How to prepare powdered tile adhesive

The production of AP8 powder ceramic and tile adhesive is carried out industrially in the Romulo factory in Iran with modern Italian technology and includes precise and specialized compounds and processes. This product is prepared with modern equipment, and for this reason, all the products of this company are single-component, and if they are kept isolated in their packaging, they have a shelf life of up to one year. The suitable temperature for its storage is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius, and it is strongly recommended to keep it away from humidity, frost, extreme heat and direct sunlight.

AP8 powder adhesive price

Romulo AP8 powder glue is produced and supplied in 20 kg packages. And you can register and finalize your purchase by placing an order on Romolo’s official website at romolo.ir. And you can contact Romulo consultants at every stage of order and implementation.


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