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Romolo plastic paint is used for inside and outside the building. Latex, plastic resins and cellulosic compounds are used as their main ingredients and formulated with ionization technology. Romulo plastic paint has characteristics such as resistance to weather conditions, durability and no color change with proper coating. Depending on the type of surface and the type of use, you may need interior or exterior paints. All plastic colors are used for the walls, ceiling and all interior spaces of the building, and you can clean the surface after application. Full plastic colors are more expensive than semi-plastic colors. But semi-plastics cannot be cleaned and washed at all. In general, plastic colors are washable and semi-plastic colors are non-washable.

Romolo plastic paint is used as a main construction paint for the beauty and decoration of the building. By using this color, you can make the walls, ceilings, doors, windows and other interior and exterior parts of the building attractive and beautiful. Romulo plastic paint acts as a protective layer on building surfaces. This paint can protect surfaces from moisture, corrosion, sun, humid air and other harmful factors and increase the useful life and durability of the building.

Characteristics of plastic color:

This color has high resistance to weather conditions, heat, UV light, corrosion and impact. It also has a high reflective feature that can help reduce the building’s energy consumption for cooling and heating. In general, plastic building paints play an important role in beauty, protection and adaptation to different environmental conditions of the building.

To apply Romulo plastic color, do the steps carefully and correctly to get a better result. Before applying the paint, prepare the desired surface. Cleaning involves drying and removing any particles and grease from the surface and repairing it if damaged. Be sure to stir the paint before painting and do not use it under sunlight or in rainy weather and high humidity. To choose the color you want, before using it, make it by combining several colors in a suitable and uniform way. To apply plastic paint, you can apply it to the surface using tools such as brushes and rollers or pistols. The correct color application technique can help maintain the uniformity and beauty of the color.

In some cases you need to apply the color several times to provide a strong and lasting coverage. Make sure the bottom layer is dry before applying the new layer. After applying the paint, do a thorough inspection to make sure it is clean and free of blemishes or unevenness. With the correct implementation of these steps, you can enjoy a better final result in the implementation of plastic construction paint.

The variety of these colors is very wide and depending on different needs and tastes, you can choose from a set of colors. This variety includes different types of colors, methods of gloss and finish, and different properties, each of which can have an independent effect on the appearance and use of paint. Considering these variations of plastic colors, you can choose the right colors to use in your building that match your tastes and needs.

All Romulo plastic colors are water-based and available in 3 sizes: 1, 5 and 12 kilos. They are odorless and dry quickly and can be washed. It is used for both the body and the roof. Each kilo is used for 4 to 5 square meters for the first run. We mix the color of all the plastic with water. That is, we add 20% water. So that it is not too thick that the roller and brush do not move on the surface and not too thin that it causes dandruff.

The semi-plastic paint has all the characteristics of plastic paint and dries quickly. It is odorless, but it cannot be washed, and it is only used for inaccessible spaces, such as stairs, roofs, storage rooms, and closets. In case of changing the color of all plastic and semi-plastic, we must use water-based color mother. Romulo’s all-plastic and semi-plastic colors are only white. One of the important features of both colors is its breathability, which means that it absorbs pollution after application.

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