Do you know about Romolo’s Lapis lazuli powder ?!

with the use of high tech machines, Romolo was able to ionize Lapis lazuli Powder into a product. This product is available for exportation to all around the world. With the use of the new generation of machines, Romolo can activate the ions in the atom which will add to the quality of the product and make in incomparable with the other similar products. This products package contains two different layers which will help it against moisture and easy transportation, it will also keep the quality against rain and sunlight.

Know more about Lapis lazuli Powder:

Lapis Powder also knows as the blue powder is based its stone which is a blue-colored stone. With the use of the latest technology, Romolo was able to activate the ions in the product which add to its quality. This product is used in many medical and industrial purposes. It is the best admixture for concrete, ceramic, cement, and even fabric and textile. This product contains very small particles that will reach its smallest form after being ionized which will cut some weight of it and will get mixed well in water and are very strong on the surface. This product is mainly used in the painting industry.

The highest quality of Lapis lazuli Powder
If you wish to test our product or any other ionized product, we can send you a sample so you can try it on your building so you see our quality with your own eyes. In order to receive the sample or purchasing of our products contact us via the web site, Instagramor our telephone number Our experts are available 24/7

Lapis lazuli Powder

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In order to contact our experts, Write down your Email.
Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.


In order to contact our experts, Write down your Email.
Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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