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Eremurus glue powder, which is one of the most used products in the building industry is one of the products that Romolo produces. This product which was ionized with the use of the latest ionization technology owned by Romolo has many special features that will distinguish it from other similar products. High UV and CO2 resistance, having no pollution for water, anti-bacterial, resistance to cold and heat from -50 up to +70 degrees, a huge cut in the isolation pricing, washable, applicable in cold, heat, dry and many different kinds of weather conditions, mixable with many types of building material.

Eremurus glue powder application:

Applicable in making waterproof paste adhesive, producing really strong concrete with high strength, making all types of insulation adhesives such as : flooring insulation, water fountain insulation, roof insulation, bathroom insulation, sauna, and jacuzzi insulation, water tanks and water pipes, waterproofing acrylic and plastic paint, mixable with all types of paste tile adhesives to improve their quality, mixable in color in order to create your desired color.

How to use:

This product has different combinations in different jobs that depending on the type of work, and industry, for example in paint and resin industries depending on the type and quality of the color, the amount of glue used is different. so, for more information please contact us through ROMOLO website.

Highest quality of Eremurus glue
If you wish to try our Eremurus glue, we can sen a sample for you to try it on your building and test our quality yourself. If you wish to receive a sample or purchase our Eremurus glue contact us via the web site, Instagramorphone number Our experts are available 24/7

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In order to contact our experts, Write down your Email.
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