Romolo tile grout powder is a product based on mineral micronized powders, mussel powder and sealing compounds formulated with ionization technology and available in over 26 colors.

Special Weight 2.1gr/cm3
Physical mode Powder
PH 14
Color White

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Products Specifications

Tile Grout Plus Powder is formulated on the basis of cement, micronized mineral powders, oysters and waterproofing compounds with ionization technology and is produced in more than 26 colors, which has a very strong adhesion to all types of surfaces. The use of this product, in addition to its technical advantages, is also cost-effective in terms of economy and execution speed.

In order to check some of the unique features of this product, we can mention the following: waterproof, anti-acid, anti-dandruff, antibacterial. It has excellent adhesion to all kinds of building materials. High resistance and impermeability against the penetration of water and moisture. Extremely hard to prevent falling or slipping. Color stability against washing with detergent acids. High permeability to fill the voids left in the implementation.


Suitable for bonding and grouting all kinds of services, facades, saunas and jacuzzis. Suitable for grouting and grouting all kinds of pools, water features and stones in the area. Suitable for bonding and grouting all types of facing bricks, fireplace bricks and decorative bricks. Suitable for bonding and grouting all types of tiles, ceramics, stone and antique stone. Suitable for bonding and grouting all types of plastic and foam plastic and decorative glass. Can be used in sculpture industry, pottery and plaster and concrete tools.

How to use

To be used as a penetrating grout: clean the desired surface from any pollution and moisten it with a wet sponge, mix each kilogram of Romolo binding powder with one liter of water and apply it on the desired surface and use a rubber tee to Move the grout to harden, then clean the rest of the material on the tiles with a damp cloud. Each kilogram of Romolo ionized bonding powder is enough for 6 square meters of grout.

To use as a strapping paste: clean the desired surface from any pollution, then mix the strapping powder with water to form a paste, then fill the depth of the straps completely with one hand using a plastic spatula.

Each kilogram of Romolo’s ionized plastering powder is enough to plaster 3 square meters. The working temperature (slurry and strapping) is between 5-35 degrees Celsius. The roped space can be used at least 24 hours after the implementation. For grouting and grouting of porcelain ceramics, the consumption of grouting powder is halved. For plastering and grouting brick facade, fireplace and swimming pool tiles, the amount of plastering powder consumption increases 2 to 3 times. For more durability and durability, it is recommended to combine and apply the strapping powder with water and sealing adhesive.


Tile Grout Plus Powder is supplied in 4 kg packages.