Paste tile adhesive

Paste tile adhesive usage

Do you know this popular product of Romolo

This product has a huge variety of applications A lot of different companies have started producing paste tile adhesive in a different range of quality and price. Some of the products have been successful, the other ones, not very much. Due to the low-quality base materials, they use in their adhesives, not only it will cost the contractor more, but it also will lead to the tiles falling off the wall

Difference between Romolo’s paste tile adhesive and other similar products:

There are three different types of tile adhesives which will be used on three different types of stone, antique, ceramic and tile adhesives. all in different qualities. Difference between Romolo’s and other brands adhesives. You can use Romolo’s adhesive on all of the mentioned stones. The quality of the adhesive leads to it being applicable on all types of antique stones, tiles and also ceramic.

Some applications of Romolo’s tile adhesive

  • Keeping tile on the wall for a very long time

  • For connecting tiles to places with arches such as column or jacuzzi.

  • Applicable for connecting all kinds of tile , slab tone and ceramic.

  • Applicable on plaster, wood, glass and … surfaces

The highest quality of Tile adhesives !!!
If you wish to try our paste tile adhesive or any other of our products, we will send you a sample to try it on your building and ensure our quality. In order to try the sample or purchasing our product contact us via Instagram or our phone numbers Our experts are available 24/7

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In order to contact our experts, Write down your Email.
Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.


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