Romolo Sealing Concrete Adhesive is a one-component water-soluble milky white product based on modified latex, formulated with ionization technology.

Special Weight 1.01gr/cm3
Physical mode Thick liquid
Color White
Particle size 0.17μm
PH 7

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Products Specifications

Romolo insulation Concrete Adhesive is a milky white water-based latex modified single-component product formulated with ionization technology and used as a bonding agent for cement-based mortars. This product is ready to use and can be added to concrete or mortar and increase its stability against water penetration and improve abrasion resistance, also together with cement forms a stable bonding layer against water.

Antifungal, antibacterial, high resistance to UV and CO2 | Premature hardening, improved flexibility and noticeable reduction of shrinkage | Prolonged protection against rust, heat and expansion equal to concrete | Decrease the ratio of water to cement, increase and high stability against water penetration | Adhesion to concrete, steel, brick, glass, asphalt, wood and polystyrene | Proper resistance to frost, salt penetration, abrasion and chemicals | Non-toxic, suitable for use in drinking water tanks and pools.


Suitable for underlayment of epoxy acrylic and polyurethane paints | Repair of damaged concrete, repair of floors, slabs and prefabricated concrete parts | For adhesion in cosmic putty powder, for smoothing concrete exposure surfaces | Preparation of mortar and sealing coatings for treatment plants, sewers and swimming pools | Reinforcement of all kinds of powder adhesives, ceramics, bonding powders and preparation of stone putty | Sealing of foundations, elevator shafts, inspection chambers, liquid tanks, water tanks and pools | Preparation of waterproof concrete surfaces, walls and floors of factories, warehouses, parking lots and all concrete surfaces | Suitable for preparing adhesive mortars with sand and cement for installing all kinds of tiles, ceramics and stones.

How to use

To repair the concrete : Clean the desired surfaces from any contamination and combine the cosmic powder with 50% concrete sealant with water and putty the desired surface several times, until the surface is smooth, from the above putty for smoothing In cement surfaces, the facade of the building and the pool area can be used, the usual consumption per square meter with a thickness of 1 cm is about 700 grams and for softening with a thickness of 3 mm is about 200 grams.

For sealing : For every cubic meter of concrete or mortar, mix Romolo insulation concrete adhesive with water in a ratio of 3: 1 and then add it to the added concrete or mortar, the usual consumption rate for sealing is approximately 5-9%. The weight of cement is consumption.

To strengthen powder adhesives and bonding powders : for each liter of water, add and combine half a liter of Romolo insulation concrete adhesive, then add the above solution to the desired powder, and the resulting mortar is ready to use.


Romolo sealing concrete adhesive is supplied in 1KG & 3.5KG and 8KG buckets.