With the emergence of this new product, many questions were created in the minds of its consumers in the world. All of the above questions are examples of questions that are often asked by you dear ones from Romulo experts. This time we are with you with another article to examine the answers to all these questions.

What is insulation adhesive ?!

As you are aware, isogum was initially used to waterproof the roof and to increase the surface resistance to water penetration on the roof and walls of toilets, bathrooms, etc., which still has its place among people. has it. Over time, people realized that there were several problems with consuming isogum; Note the following:

If the pipe bursts under the isogum in the bathroom, the entire isogum must be destroyed (which would also damage the wall) to repair the pipe.
After a while, due to climate change and direct sunlight on the roof, it caused bumps and dents on the surface of the isogum.
It was difficult to use and people with non-specialist knowledge were not able to operate the isogum at the desired level.
The cost was high and they had to bear the same cost for a while to repair the isogum.
Its quality was very good and prevented water from penetrating.

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