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Get to know white Portland cement !!!

White Portland Cement

This product is made just like normal cement the only difference is that white cement doesn’t have Iron oxide therefore you should not use clay powder. The difference between white cement and black cement is in quality and color. White Portland cement was first made in 1887 by the company called Lafarge in France. after that, due to the public reaction, it’s quality become popular. Other countries saw the opportunity and start producing the same product like USA in 1907, Germany 1908, Japan 1920 and England in 1929. Producing white cement requires a more advance technology than gray cement therefore not so many countries are able to produce it. One of the factors that shows the quality of the product is witness degree.

Difference between Romolo white cement and other brands !!!

Romolo white  cement is formulated with ionization technology which gives it an incredible quality. The ionization of building materials makes the material improve in quality up to three times, but even tho the quality is three times higher but because we in Romolo use local and domestic base materials, we are able to create the high-quality material without having to make it more expensive than other similar brands.

The highest quality of white Portland cement !!!
If you wish to try our white Portland cement or any of our products to become sure about our quality, we can send you a sample of our products to try and see the quality yourself. In order to contact us to test or buy any of our ionized products you can use our website, Instagramor phone numbers Our experts are available 24/7

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In order to contact our experts, Write down your Email.
Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.


In order to contact our experts, Write down your Email.
Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.


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