Tile adhesive powder AP4

Get to know black tile adhesive !!!

Black tile adhesive which goes by the brand of AP4 is based on mineral micronized powders and chemical additives. This tile is a group member of Romolo’s ionized adhesives which are formulated with the late technology in ionization and industrial cockleshell powder. The ionization leads to the product having more than 3 times the quality of a similar product while having one-third of the price. This difference in price and quality is the cause of using Iranian base materials which cut the exportation costs and saves a lot of money. This adhesive is a single usage adhesive meaning it can only be used on the floor and not on the walls.

Ionized tile adhesive specifications.

Due to the ionization, the product has some special features which will distinguish it from other similar products. Some of these features are being applied in all kinds of weather conditions and climates, highly impervious to water after drying, high resistance to moisture, steam, acid, and petroleum. Some of the other features that we can name are easy vertical installation, applicable to thin and thick layers and excellent adhesion to all types of building materials.

The highest quality of Tile adhesives !!!
If you wish the product tile adhesive powder or any other products that we produce, we can send a sample of them to you so you can try it on your building. In order to receive the sample or purchasing our products, contact us via our web site, Instagram or our phone numbers. Our experts are available 24/7

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In order to contact our experts, Write down your Email.
Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.


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