Romolo collection was established in ۲۰۱۸ by Morteza Mohtasham. With the introduction of ionization technology in Iran, this group has become the second company in the world that has ionization technology for construction materials.

This technology, in addition to improving the quality of building materials and materials in different environmental conditions, also increases the durability and adhesion of building materials.

What is ionization or ionization?
In order to improve the quality of all materials in the world, sciences are being researched and updated every day, which is one of the most important sciences in order to improve the quality of ionization materials in Iran. At the same time, this science was used in production, which could hardly achieve remarkable results by performing very different methods and personal costs, along with many mistakes and mistakes.

In ionization, one of the most important parts, before entering the change in the core of the material, I must first nano the main material, which is very complex in materials due to the range of different materials and having different granulations. For example, in white cement, the granulation of the factory production is between ۲۶۰ to ۳۲۰ microns, which we can increase to ۷۰۰ mesh to nano, but provided that the core is evenly divided, because if there is no balance in cutting, not only by nanomaterial The quality will not be better, but they will be converted to ions and lose their properties.

One of the most complicated steps that I researched by Morteza Mohtasham for two years in this section was nanomaterials, which after nanomaterials, their quality increases by ۵ to ۱۵% depending on the type of materials.
This technology is in the hands of ۶ countries in the world in nanomaterials.
After this stage, the obtained materials are placed in another device and connected to the intelligent system and with the software during the rotation of the device with the obtained patterns to the result of how many nuclei of atoms and how many protons and how many electrons are in the device and by creating Create an artificial magnetic field with the required number of protons and separate the protons that tend to separate from the nucleus after nanoparticles.

Materials become ions, with countless electrons spinning around the nucleus, and a small number of protons are transferred to another device in the next process. In this device, another magnetic field is created that has electrons, depending on the type of material and its weight And the materials start to absorb electrons according to the will of the nucleus, and in the ionization or ionization stage, the material increases in quality by ۲۵ to ۴۵%, which is called ionization.
This science is studied due to the vastness and high costs in the research and development sector in developed countries according to the needs and production of exports, which has very good financial benefits in terms of optimal consumption. Use less force.

Long life and reasonable price with high quality, for example, France in the field of cosmetics. The United States in the field of oil and petrochemicals and Italy in the field of construction materials are researching and developing in this field and Mr. Morteza Mohtasham in Iran is researching and developing in the field of construction materials in this field. Will soon be added to their research in this field.